With Ticco's targeted community, your team can unlock new partnerships, new talent, and new ideas.


With Ticco,
Your Team Gets..

  • Access to the only base of verified professionals in your field and 15+ other aligned practices
  • Our online platform, allowing them to follow professionals, direct message, comment, and see activity recaps
  • Member search, where they can find a professional by name, profession, specialty, and areas of interest to identify potential partners and help with talent recruitment
  • Access to topical Discussions designed to enhance their practicing knowledge
  • Discounts to Ticco's regional Retreats that broaden their professional knowledge and introduce them to potential partners for your firm
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The Value of
Your Team on Ticco

  • A presence on Ticco indicates that your company or organization is welcoming to early-career professionals
  • Investing in your early-career talent communicates their value and leads to higher retention
  • Because Ticco was created by designers for designers, it's a resource that the tech-savvy and design-oriented members of your team will love to use

Team Pricing

Any company, organization, or government agency may purchase a Ticco team plan for 2 or more employees.

Team plans start at 15% off of a standard annual plan (currently $115.) Group discounts increase with higher quantities and/or nonprofit status.

All companies and organizations who purchase a team plan receive one complementary advertisement per year and a discount to purchase additional advertisements or event sponsorships. These may be used to promote employment opportunities, events, and services.


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