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Ticco offers retreats designed to connect you with professionals who share your interests and experiences. From wooded retreats to urban round tables, participants come together to share ideas, solve problems, and build relationships.

NOV 07-08


People who shape cities throughout the Midwest and Rust Belt regions are invited to join us in Detroit for 2 days jam-packed with hands-on workshops, mentor power hours & an insightful speakers.

Learn by Doing at Ticco Retreats


Learn by doing.

You spend too much time sitting at a desk - why not get up and move? We design every session to ensure that you enhance your practicing knowledge and network with your peers through fun and meaningful hands-on activities.



Keynotes, workshops & mentoring.

Our team invests months recruiting innovators to speak and facilitate sessions at our retreats to provide the best experience possible to our attendees. Keynote speakers drop knowledge, and workshop leaders leave you with practical take-aways you'll truly remember. On top of it all, experienced professionals lead mentor power-hours, where you can fire off your burning questions and get expert guidance for your career!


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Network Efficiently at Ticco Retreats

High Quality

Networking worth your time.

We limit the spots available at our retreats to ensure that you have the opportunity to connect with most, if not all, of your fellow attendees. Through meals, happy hours, and interactive sessions, participants build real relationships with their peers that translate into professional alliances and working partnerships long after the event is over.



Designed for your schedule (and wallet.)

Today's up-and-coming professionals are more likely to work for themselves or a small firm, which means less time to spare and smaller professional development budgets. We get it! Attend the whole retreat or just one day to make sure our schedule aligns with yours. Our events are also cost-conscious and include meals to ensure you can focus on the experience, and not draining your bank account.


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don't just take our word for it

“I absolutely loved the synergy of so many different perspectives focused on common issues in one gathering. I left energized and inspired.”

FEB 22, 2019


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