As we design and plan for our communities’ needs, it’s helpful for us to be informed about trends and challenges in our practices. It’s also important that we understand the many viewpoints that our fellow professionals bring to the table. Enter Ticco Discussions, a place where you can share your thoughts on issues facing your city and your profession with people who get it.



Within Discussions, we’ve created nine categories that offer a chance to explore current events and issues from an interdisciplinary angle. Our team created these categories with input from Ticco members, and while a category might relate to any profession, the Discussions you’ll find within them range from broad to specialized in order to provide a unique opportunity for Ticco members to connect with their peers.

Over the next several weeks, you’ll see new Discussions added in each category. You can view recently-added and active Discussions in all categories as a default by selecting ‘Discussions’ at the top of any page on Ticco. To switch between categories, select the category you’d like to view from below the Discussions header once you’ve accessed this main Discussions page.

Ticco Discussion Categories


As we build the Ticco community, we plan to introduce 1-2 new Discussions each week on Monday. Keep an eye on the Discussions main page for an update, or make sure to catch your bi-weekly member recap sent by email to see what’s new in Discussions so you don’t miss out!


Keeping Track of Discussions

Did a Discussion pique your interest? Great! Keep up with its current activity and find fellow members who share your interests by bookmarking it. From the ‘All’ or category view in Discussion, click the green bookmark in the bottom right of the Discussion icon. Alternatively, you can click the bookmark link on the left-hand menu from within the Discussion itself.

By bookmarking a Discussion, you’ll see updates on all activity from within that Discussion on your Dashboard upon login. Discussions you follow are featured within a module in your Dashboard, accompanied by comment preview cards that you can click to jump directly to new comments.

Bookmark a Discussion


Networking from Within Discussions

Once you’ve found a Discussion that interests you, share your perspective! Below the prompt, you can respond with your own take on the topic, or (within the response box) select ‘Ask for Advice’ to seek insight from fellow members. Make sure to bookmark the Discussion to see when someone responds to your comment or another member’s comment on your Dashboard.

If a member’s response to you or another comment reveals a perspective you find interesting, click their photo to visit their profile. From their profile you can follow them, learn more about their work, or find them on social media. By following a member, you’ll see a summary of their recent activity on Ticco within your Dashboard.

If you’d like to send a member a message, you may do so by connecting with them on external social media or by looking them up in our members-only Slack channel. Later this summer you’ll be able to message members within the platform itself - we’re hard at work building out new features which will include integrated messaging!

Ticco Discussions


What do you want to see in Discussions?

Over the course of the past several months, we’ve been collecting suggestions from professionals as to what they’d like to discuss on Ticco. As we go forward, we’d love to hear your ideas! You can submit a suggestion anytime to let us know what you’d like to talk about with fellow Ticco members. You can also access the link to this form on the right hand side of the screen on the main Discussions page. We regularly review suggestions and use them to prepare prompts for you and your peers!


We hope you’re enjoying Ticco and its integrated Discussions so far! If you have ideas on how we can improve Discussions or any other aspects of the Ticco experience, please share your feedback with us. Have questions about how Ticco works, or just want to check in with us? Contact Erik Felix, our Director of Community Engagement, here on Ticco or send him an email at