Since we opened Ticco two months ago, we've cultivated a community of professionals around the country who are working to improve their cities and communities. While we've been laying a foundation for this community, we've also been hard at work building out more features - messaging and notifications!

Messaging on Ticco is coming soon!

On July 22nd, messaging and notifications will roll out to all Ticco members. Here's a bit of what you need to know:

For Messaging

  • All members will have access to messaging beginning on the 22nd
  • Members will have the ability to message other members in a 1-on-1 setting
  • In messages, members will be able to share text and links
  • A message bubble at the bottom right of the screen will allow members to see the number of unread messages (if applicable) when logged in to Ticco

For Notifications

  • Members will gain access to easy-to-use notifications. With this approach, a bell icon will appear at the top of the screen when logged in to Ticco which displays the number of unread notifications
  • When a member clicks a notification, it will take them to the exact location of the item at-hand. For instance, if a member comments on your response in a Discussions, the notification will take you to the thread where that comment is located
  • If you have unread messages or notifications, you'll receive a once daily summary of these unread items. If you have no unread messages or notifications, you will not receive an email

Important Notice

As we roll out messaging, we'd like to remind everyone about our community guidelines. These guidelines lay some groundwork for what is and is not appropriate to message to another user. Please keep these guidelines in mind as you begin to direct message fellow Ticco members.


Ticco Message Center Preview

Coming Later!

In addition to these exciting updates, we are continuing to build additional features! Down the line, expect to see emojis, GIFs, and group messaging! In addition, we will soon offer customized notification preferences so you may choose if and how you are notified about unread messages and notifications.


If you're excited about messaging and love using Ticco, please tell a friend! You can find your unique referral code under 'Account' within your account settings. For every friend or colleague who joins using this code, you'll receive a $5 credit on your account. Note that we recently changed our process to join Ticco, and new members can now create their account in just 5 minutes on our website!