Ticco members are passionate, early-career professionals who are improving cities for all people.

Individuals and employers can harness Ticco’s online community and services to expand their understanding of professions that center on the built environment, explore the future of our cities and our communities with a broad network of insightful peers, find individuals to collaborate with on projects, and more.

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To be eligible for Ticco membership, an applicant must reside in the United States, have between 2 and 15 years of experience, and focus their talent or career on improving cities and/or the built environment in some way, shape, or form.


Referral Codes

We believe that good people know good people. That’s why we’ve modeled Ticco on a referral code system. To request access, an individual must have a referral code from a Ticco member. Members who refer their peers receive a $5 credit towards Ticco for every person that applies with their code!

Have a referral code? Request access to Ticco.

Don’t have a
referral code?

If you don’t know a Ticco member just yet, you can request a referral code by completing our Mini App. The form takes about 10 minutes to complete.


Our month-to-month membership is cost-effective and flexible.

$15 /Month
or $175/year

  • Connect with peers who share your passions on a national scale through 24/7 access to Ticco’s online platform

  • Explore trends and challenges in cities and the built environment through our built-in Discussions feature

  • Filter and contact vetted practitioners in over 20 different professions with Ticco’s unique search functionality

  • Exclusive access to retreats, events, and offers from our partner organizations

  • Protect your privacy by joining a platform that never sells your data or information

  • Earn $5 in credit for every person you refer to Ticco (no limit!)

  • Don’t pay anything until you’re accepted, and cancel anytime


For the cost of 3 coffees a month, take advantage of professional development services you’ll actually enjoy using. 

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Ticco’s membership is 31% less expensive than the average professional membership organization in our industries. Request access today and pay nothing until you’re accepted.


Ticco Cultivators are employers or benefactors who purchase memberships for their team, or individuals they would like to underwrite Ticco membership for.

Ticco Cultivators are employers or benefactors who purchase memberships for their team, or individuals they would like to underwrite Ticco membership for.


About Ticco

Who may become a
Ticco Cultivator?

Any individual, company, non-profit organization, government agency, or cultural institution who would like to support their team or an individual(s) who stand to benefit for Ticco membership can take part in our Cultivator’s program.

Why Pay for your Employees’
Ticco Memberships?

Young and early-career professionals have a high turnover rate in our fields because they often feel their superiors undervalue their contributions. This loss isn’t just a loss of talent—employers also lose resources and productivity for every person they hire, train, and then replace.

Providing a Ticco membership to an early-career member of your team communicates your belief that that they’re among the next generation of leaders in their profession, and that you’re invested in their career growth. It’s an investment they can see and feel every time they log into Ticco.

Ticco as a Tool for
Business Development

Ticco is a selective network of up-and-comers focused on the built environment. Our members are our industry’s future leaders, and every employee you have on Ticco reiterates the perception that your company recruits, retains, and grows talent.

Ticco members also have unprecedented access to their peers in related professions and specialities nationwide. On Ticco, your employees can build their network in communities you’re looking to reach, identify partners for upcoming projects, and build relationships with those who may be in need of your services.




Ticco works with Cultivators to determine appropriate wholesale pricing depending on the number of memberships they would like to purchase. To begin a conversation with our team about your needs, please contact us using the form below or email

The Application Process

Anyone who applies to Ticco with a code from a Ticco Cultivator must be eligible to join Ticco per our eligibility requirements above. They must still request access, but may do so through a slightly modified application containing different questions more relevant to their specific experience.

Cultivator Referral Codes

Ticco Cultivators purchase memberships for their team on an annual basis. When memberships are purchased, a code is provided to the Cultivator which is good for the allotted number of memberships. They may distribute that code to as many individuals as they see fit, and those individuals can use it to complete the application for Ticco membership. By default, the code will allocate credit to cover the cost of membership for the first individuals who request access and are admitted to Ticco, until the total number of paid-for memberships is reached.

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