Urban Anthropology in the "Wild"


Thinking of starting your own business? Interested in or curious about urban anthropology? Take advantage of this Ticco webinar!

Oh February 28th, Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman (urban anthropologist based in Philadelphia, PA) joined us to share insights into the world of urban anthropology, how the discipline relates for peer city builders, and her transition to working for herself full-time.

Until recently, Katrina worked as adjunct faculty at Drexel University and spent time in other academic environments in institutions such as the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm.) Her decision to step out of academia and into private consulting embodies the challenge that many professionals who work with cities face - When and how do we know it's time to go solo?

Over roughly an hour, hear from Katrina about her work to-date and her decision to create a consulting business.



Katrina Johnston Zimmerman

Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman
is an urban anthropologist and lecturer from Philadelphia.

As a "professional people-watcher" she can tell the story of a public space - be it a street, park, or plaza - in order to better inform the built environment.

It is her belief that through applied anthropology, we can create humanist cities for all. 

In addition to her work as adjunct faculty for Drexel University and lecturing at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stolkholm, Katrina has shared her work at numerous conferences and events including Placemaking Week and the 2019 BBC 100 Women event, where she was an honoree for her advocacy on women and girls in our urban environments. 

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