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Those of us who work with cities and communities are feeling the strain from all sides as we work to balance our personal lives with demanding workloads. Before 2020 our work was challenging - now it can feel insurmountable.

In recent months, preservationist Raina Regan has been diving deep into mental health and how those who do the emotionally-taxing work of shaping cities can practice self care in light of their professional stressors.

On December 8th we'll sit down with Raina for a conversation and Q&A! The interview will be conducted by Ticco President & Founder Katie Rispoli Keaotamai. We'll discuss Raina's newsletter, "Uplifting Preservation," which offers reading recommendations and tips, best practices she has discovered for supporting mental health in this challenging time, and we'll answer questions from the Ticco community and attendees.



This free webinar will take place on December 8, 2020 at 10am PST/1pm ET.


Raina Regan

Raina Regan

Raina Regan is the author and creator of Uplifting Preservation, a monthly newsletter of uplifting ideas on how to improve historic preservation professional practice inspired by business, psychology, and self-help literature. Uplifting Preservation is inspired by Raina's decade of professional experience in the historic preservation field, working for both nonprofit and government organizations. Currently, Raina is the Director of the Easement Program at the National Trust for Historic Preservation where she directs a national program of acquisitions and stewardship of preservation and conservation easements.

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