Opportunity at Risk:
The Contribution of San Antonio’s
Older Housing to Affordable Housing


The United States is in a housing affordability crisis. Preservationists have argued for years that utilizing older (re: not necessarily “historic”) housing stock must be a central component of any affordable housing strategy. Until now, the research did not exist to advocate on behalf of older housing as a source of affordable housing. Join in for this webinar to hear about PlaceEconomics’ exciting new research from San Antonio, Texas on the role that older housing plays in meeting the needs of San Antonians in general, and households of modest income in particular. We will also discuss approaches to keep more existing housing units available for sale and for rent as well as strategies for communicating the importance of preserving our existing building stock to elected officials and policy makers.

Participants can expect to take away:

  • An understanding of the role that older housing stock plays in meeting the needs of affordable housing in the U.S.

  • Insight into the location, condition, and ownership patterns of these older housing units in the U.S. and San Antonio

  • How the importance of preservation policy can be underscored by connecting to pressing issues such as housing, displacement, and gentrification

  • Ideas (tools, strategies, incentives) that might be utilized to keep more existing housing units available for sale and for rent

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes





Katlyn in Blob

Katlyn Cotton
Director of Marketing and Design
Katlyn Cotton is the Director of Marketing and Design at PlaceEconomics. She is responsible for social media marketing and brand management, and she is the firm's resident graphic design guru. Katlyn also 
contributes to data analysis, policy research, and writing in support of the firm's city and statewide economic impact studies, Main Street Studies, and incentives development. Katlyn's research interests
lie at the intersection of historic preservation and social justice - she approaches preservation through the lens of equity: "But for whom are we preserving? Who benefits?"

Alyssa in Blob

Alyssa Frystak
Research and Data Analyst
Alyssa Frystak is the Research & Data Analyst at PlaceEconomics and the newest member of the team. A Chicago native, Alyssa's interest lies at the intersection of historic preservation, affordable housing, urban planning, and public policy and investigating ways in which these distinct, yet interconnected disciplines can be used to break down racial and socioeconomic barriers to preserve communities. Her Masters thesis, "Small but Mighty: Combatting the Affordable Housing Crisis Through Small-Scale Historic Rehabilitation," was an exploration of these interests. 

C in Blob

Cory Edwards
Deputy Historic Preservation Officer
San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation
Cory Edwards has been with the San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation since 2012, and since 2017, has overseen the department’s design review program. At OHP, he has overseen the development and adoption of Historic Design Guidelines, new zoning overlay districts, and improvements to the local development code and processes related to the treatment of historic properties.

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