How urban places can adapt after the coronavirus


For many of us, the time of “sheltering in place” or “staying at home” has become a period of reflection, and a time to plan our next move for when we recover from the health and economic implications of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Data is still sparse, but there is a hypothesis that - when this is over - residents will transition away from working and living in urban places due to fear of close proximity to others. 

On April 21, 2020 we hosted a conversation with Sharon Woods of LandUseUSA to discuss this potential challenge. Along with Ticco CEO Katie Rispoli Keaotamai, Sharon will discuss our responsibility as city builders to plan, design, and shape places that will accommodate new wants, needs, and expectations. 



Sharon in Blob

Sharon Woods
Sharon Woods is the founding principal of LandUseUSA | Urban Strategies, a boutique market research and analysis firm centrally located in the Greater Lansing, Michigan Area. Sharon founded the firm in 2008, preceded by seven years working 

for other small consulting firms and ten years with four Fortune 500 Corporations. Her transition from Corporate American to private consulting is sure to inspire entrepreneurs seeking to build small businesses in niche markets and with specialized skills. Today, Sharon focuses her work on identifying the market potential for Missing Middle Housing Formats and shopping choices in traditional downtowns.

She is a certified Counselor of Real Estate (CRE), Congress for the New Urbanism (CNUa), Form Based Codes Institute (FBCI), and National Charrette Institutes (NCI); and she is also a faculty member with the Incremental Development Alliance (Inc Dev). 

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