Community Engagement: Both a means and an end


Since joining Greater Good Studio (GGS) several years ago, Kareeshma Ali has been trying to clarify the role that community engagement plays, particularly in the context of built environment design and community development. Often, community engagement processes are standardized and viewed as a box to be checked.

This webinar will explore what it looks like when community engagement is intentionally designed to be a process that not only informs a final outcome and leads to change, but is a value in and of itself. When these things are true, community engagement becomes both a means and an end.

Participants can expect to take away:

  • Insights into both traditional design firms and social impact design consultancies

  • An understanding of human-centered design
  • Human-centered design research methodologies and engagement strategies

  • Approaches and recommendations for those providing community engagement services remotely
  • Considerations to best elevate the voices of local residents and populations served through your work

Duration: 1 hour 



Want to review the presentation? Download the presenter's slides here!


Greater Good Studio


Kareeshma Ali

Kareeshma Ali
Design Research Lead
Greater Good Studio
Kareeshma Ali is a Design Research Lead at Greater Good Studio, a social impact design agency based in Chicago. With over a decade of experience in place-based work, she has collaborated with grassroots organizations, residents, and city agencies on projects ranging from testing quick, tactical interventions to developing long-term master plans. Kareeshma continues to work in diverse contexts, while always striving to practice thoughtful community engagement and co-creating design solutions with local communities.

Kareeshma holds a dual Masters in Architecture and Urban & Regional Planning, and a Post-Professional Certificate in Social and Environmental Design. She regularly writes and speaks on the topic of authentic and meaningful engagement.

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