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What kinds of professionals are on Ticco?

Ticco is a network for professionals who focus on cities and/or the built environment. Professionals that are eligible to join Ticco include architects, community/economic development professionals, engineers, government representatives, graphic designers, historic preservationists, interior designers, journalists, landscape architects, lawyers, marketing professionals, real estate developers, sustainability professionals, urban designers, urban planners, and others working in related areas!

Why should I join Ticco?

Comradery: Meet your peers in a way that until now has never been possible. We screen every Ticco member to ensure they care about our cities and the people who call them home. As a Ticco member, you’ll have access to a community of practitioners who share your passions, and who are in a similar career stage as yourself. Expand your reach beyond your own profession, connect with your peers in other cities, and even find professionals to collaborate with on projects!

Opportunities: Through select partner opportunities, Ticco members may be offered conference discounts, membership specials, event announcements, and other helpful insights that you can use to further connect with your peers in your own and adjacent professions.

Experiences: Beginning in 2020, Ticco will host regional retreats exclusively for members. With Ticco Retreats, our members can go on outdoor adventures, explore a new city, and get to know their peers through hands-on activities and round-table discussions.

How much does it cost?

Access to Ticco’s network is available to members for a flat rate of $15 monthly, auto-billed to a card on file. For employers who would like to pay for their employees who have been admitted to Ticco, discounted subscription plans and annual payment options are available. Please email cultivators@go-ticco.co for more information.

Who is eligible to use Ticco?

United States residents who have between two and 15 years of experience and focus their talents on improving cities and/or the built environment are eligible.

Why do I have to apply?

Ticco’s application isn’t designed to exclude, but rather to ensure quality control. Since our members pay for access, we want to ensure that those who are admitted are invested in contributing, and that they’re aligned in their desire to leverage their talent for the betterment of cities nationwide. Additionally, since some Ticco members will work with public agencies through our platform, having an application process ensures that they offer the skills and perspective that those agencies are searching for.

Why do I need a referral code?

We believe that good people know good people. Our referral code systems acts as an endorsement. If someone applies to Ticco using a member’s code, we trace that application back to that member and take it as an endorsement of the applicant on their behalf. Essentially, referral codes help us ensure that we’re using our time to review applications that are submitted by real, practicing professionals in the industry who are likely a good fit for Ticco.

I don’t have a referral code. How can I get one?

If you don’t know anyone who is a member of Ticco, you can request access to our application here. Our mini app helps us get a glimpse into your perspective and experience, and if we feel you may be a good fit for our community you’ll receive a code by email that you can use to complete the full application.

Why do I have to pay to join Ticco?

Most of the social networks you use today have been funded by venture capital. Though that means they have large sums of money at their disposal and can provide a free product, that product is usually bogged down with ads, and decisions about their company are made by individuals looking to make a return on their investment. These networks either go public and are governed according to their share price, or they’re pressured to sell to huge companies for a profit. Ticco was founded with a grassroots approach. We wanted to create a community that was intentional, compassionate, and driven by purpose. We didn’t want to create a platform filled with irrelevant ads, and we wouldn’t sacrifice great design to offer a free product.

$15 a month per member is what we have to charge to make Ticco work financially, for these reasons and because we’re self funded and we don’t plan to sell out anytime soon. As a bonus, this cost ensures that those who join the network are real, practicing professionals who have a genuine interest in connecting with their peers. We hope that paying for Ticco will encourage them to remain active in the community, and as a result they’ll generate ongoing content that enhances the experience of other members.

Is my Ticco membership tax-deductible?

Generally, yes! Your Ticco membership is a professional development expense. If you’re self-employed or otherwise, it is generally tax-deductible. Make sure to consult your CPA or another tax professional, since tax deductions can vary based on the individual and location.

Will my employer pay for my Ticco membership?

Many employers choose to pay for their team’s professional development expenses, up to a certain amount. Ask your supervisor if your company offers an allowance for professional development. They likely do, and that amount can be used towards your Ticco membership. Employers that would like to pay for their employees’ memberships on an annual basis may have an interest in learning more about Ticco’s Cultivators program. As Cultivators, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and companies that employ Ticco members can receive a discount on membership for underwriting multiple individuals. For information, please send a request to cultivators@go-ticco.co.

Do I have to pay anything when I apply?

Not a dime! Applying to Ticco is completely free. We will not ask for payment information unless you are admitted to the network.

If I apply, am I obligated to pay if I get in?

There is no commitment made by applying to Ticco. If you’re admitted but choose not to join, you can simply ignore your account activation link sent to you by email. If you want to join but you’re not ready when we admit you, you can request a delay in admittance by following the instructions included in your account activation email.

What happens if I don’t get in?

Not everyone is a fit for Ticco’s network. Our intention is to identify and support individuals that we believe are currently positioned to become leaders in our professions. If we review your application and feel you’re not a fit for our network at this time, you’ll receive an email letting you know of our decision.

If I don’t get in, can I re-apply?

Yes! Individuals can apply to join Ticco once annually. Before submitting a second application, note the feedback and eligibility date that were included with the email responding to your last application so you know what to work on and so you can keep track of when to apply again.

How do I cancel my Ticco membership?

Once they’ve activated their profile, members can cancel anytime. Ticco members are billed at the start of their recurring billing period. To ensure you aren’t billed for another month, cancel your membership by managing your account in settings prior to the start of your next billing period.

If I cancel my membership, can I reactivate it later?

If you an active Ticco member and cancel your membership, you may reactivate it without being required to re-apply within 2 years of the date of your deactivation so long as you still meet the eligibility requirements to be a Ticco member. If you cancel your membership, your profile, preferences, and other activity on Ticco will be lost and will not be restored when you reactivate your membership.

What information does Ticco collect from me, and how is it used?

Applicants can submit optional demographic information when contacting Ticco. This information, and general insight into how/when our members use our platform is used to help us advocate for early-career professionals in the industry and to improve Ticco’s network by adjusting/adding new features. We do not sell information about our members to any third parties, and will not share demographic information about any one member with anyone, ever.

How is Ticco funded?

Ticco is entirely self-funded. To start Ticco, our founder used their savings, lines of credit, and personal loans. Our operation continues to be funded by earned income including membership dues, limited advertising revenue, and event registration fees. Ticco’s financial and governance model was based upon B-Corporations like Patagonia. We are not funded by venture capital or other outside investors, and our founder retains exclusive ownership over Ticco to ensure that we’re beholden to nothing and no one but our mission.

Where does the name ‘Ticco’ come from?

Ticco gets its name from “Old Tjikko,” a clonal tree in Sweden. For nearly 10,000 years, Old Tjikko has sprouted new saplings and fostered an diverse ecosystem. Our team saw similarities between the many professions that come together to shape our cities, and the process behind this historic tree.

Additional Questions & Press

For questions or general inquiries, email hello@go-ticco.coFor press and media inquiries please contact Katie Kervin at media@go-ticco.co.


Ticco is an online community for early-career professionals improving the built environment.

Ticco is an online community for early-career professionals improving the built environment.

Ticco is an online community for early-career professionals improving the built environment.

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