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Enhance the way you engage the public with your work, connect with your peers, and dive deep into challenges facing our cities.

Place Shapers is a one-day retreat for early-career professionals in architecture, urban design, planning, preservation, engineering, sustainability, landscape architecture, and other related professions to discuss challenges facing our cities from the perspective of the next generation.

Attendees will have a chance to discuss their professions and the way they impact residents’ livelihoods, and will break into groups during sessions to more specifically explore how our professions engage the public with our projects and processes.


Katie Rispoli Keaotamai, CEO of Ticco, will provide insight into our organization and our goals in hosting Place Shapers. Our keynote address will be delivered by Rudy Espinoza, Executive Director of Leadership Renewal Network (LURN) in LosAngeles. Rudy’s team at LURN has been integral in the campaign to legalize street vending in Los Angeles and California. He will dive into their journey and cover lessons learned in this major 2018 victory.


Rudy Espinoza, Executive Director of  Leadership Renewal Network (LURN) in Los Angeles


Check-in / Coffee + Networking
⇾ Studio One Eleven

Katie Rispoli Keaotamai, CEO, Ticco

Legalizing Street Vending in California and Los Angeles
Rudy Espinoza, Executive Director, Leadership for Urban Renewal Network
Edison Theatre


⇾ Edison Theatre / Imprint Labs at the Psychic Temple

Work Catch-Up Break

⇾ Edison Theatre / Studio One Eleven

⇾ Imprint Labs at the
Psychic Temple

Networking Hour /
Exhibitor Tables

⇾ Studio One Eleven




⇾ Edison Theatre

The cost of living in our cities is becoming less and less attainable for the average American. In this discussion session, participants will reflect upon the steps some municipalities have taken to create a viable living situation for residents (rent control, minimum wage increases, etc.) Together, the group will explore the pros and cons of these approaches, while considering the importance of engaging the public in the decision-making process.


⇾ Edison Theatre

In San Francisco, lamp posts and other public utilities bear the images and descriptions of pedestrians struck by vehicles at intersections. Cities across the country have taken measures to raise awareness of traffic fatalities and to advocate for improved public transportation and public spaces, and many are bringing on professionals to reconfigure infrastructure for improved safety. As a group, participants in this session will reference their personal experiences and projects touching on this matter, and will explore the significance of the public engagement process in this arena.


⇾ Imprint Labs at the Psychic Temple

When some residents deny the reality of impending climate change, how do we bring them to the table in decision making? In this session, participants will dive into the significance of community outreach during a critical era of development. Facilitators will touch on the increasing frequency of code and regulatory updates, design trends aiming to mitigate environmental impacts, the need for personal acts of environmental sustainability, and more, which tie in with the public’s participation in planning for a changing climate.


⇾ Studio One Eleven

Too often, residents remain ignorant of large-scale developments until those projects are considered for approval at a public hearing. By then, significant monetary resources have been invested and are on the line for powerful developers and public agencies. Considering the economic value of development and the need for continued change to accommodate metropolitan residents, how can we better shape the engagement process to ensure residents voices and opinions are taken into account before a project is considered for approval? As a group, participants in this session will dive into their experiences in development and explore a better path towards public outreach in development.



The Varden Hotel
335 Pacific Avenue
Long Beach, CA

In order to accommodate attendees visiting the area, a block of rooms has been reserved at the Varden Hotel. This boutique hotel offers comfort, history, and an eco-friendly approach, and is conveniently located in Downtown Long Beach a short walk from our gathering locations.

Rooms are available at the Varden for $139.00 per night + tax. Call to book, and let the Varden staff know you’re an attendee at our gathering to receive this exclusive low price. Reservations include complimentary bottled water and wine tastings, WiFi, and a continental breakfast. Parking is available for an additional $12.00 daily.




Alex Jung
APA Los Angeles, City Fabrick

Alex Muldrow
City of Long Beach

Baktaash Sorkhabi
City Fabrick

Bradley Bounds
City of Long Beach


Fern Nueno
City of Long Beach

Fiahna Cabana
City of Long Beach

Katie Rispoli Keaotamai

Shannon Heffernan
Studio One Eleven Architects

About Ticco

What is Ticco?
We’re a brand new social network launching in 2019. Ticco’s beautiful, intuitive online platform offers early-career professionals who focus on the built environment a pathway to find and engage with their peers in a wide range of disciplines.

Our goal in creating Ticco is to recognize and connect those who are strengthening cities in order to further their careers and share their ingenuity with communities nationwide. Ticco is open to professionals with 2-15 years of experience, who practice in the United States.

Applications to join open on January 15, 2019. A Ticco membership costs $15 a month, and $25 is donated for every member to support educational initiatives and internships in the industry, with a focus on increasing diversity in our professions. There is no commitment to join or participate in Ticco by attending this event.

Tips &

Helpful Tips
We know networking can feel forced and be inauthentic. At Ticco, our goal is to help you build real relationships that advance your career. We’ve designed this event to bring together individuals who share common interests, who can share crucial perspective in how we shape our cities.

We encourage you to strike up a conversation and share your real opinions—with this group, it can lead to strong friendships and working relationships!

Place Shapers may be different from other professional events you’ve attended, as it will focus mainly on conversation. During these conversations, we hope attendees will engage in thoughtful dialogue in order to reflect upon their own ability to impact the lives of others through their work. As our sessions will revolve around dialogue, we expect every attendee to be respectful of others and to consider that when each of us speaks we draw from our own experiences.

In addition to respecting others’ opinions, we expect that all attendees respect others physical space. Attendees should not engage with other attendees or participants in any unwelcome manner. This may include physical contact, comments, or digital communication. We aim to make Place Shapers a safe and comfortable gathering for all, and will take steps to ensure all who attend feel welcome. If any registered or prospective attendee has further questions about our expectations for conduct and policy in this regard, please contact us: