You can get the full Ticco experience conveniently from your phone! Our online platform was designed for both mobile and desktop - make sure to use both to get the most of your membership! Below you’ll find a guide to pin Ticco to your phone’s home screen so you can access all of the features of Ticco on a mobile-adapted platform anytime.


On iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, you can take the following steps to pin Ticco to your phone’s home screen:


How To Pin Ticco


How To Pin Ticco


How To Pin Ticco


How To Pin Ticco


How To Pin Ticco


How To Pin Ticco


On an Android Device

The steps to pin Ticco to your home screen on an Android Device are more or less similar to those on iPhone. To pin Ticco on Android:

  1. Open Chrome or your browser of choice and navigate to
  2. Enter your log in information and select the box that says 'remember me.'
  3. Tap the '...' icon to expand the menu. Find and select "Add to Home Screen" or its equivalent within the menu options.
  4. A Ticco icon should automatically appear in the suggested image box and should be sized appropriately. Select "Add Automatically" in the bottom right hand corner of the icon.
  5. You can now close and re-open Ticco by selecting the pinned icon on your home screen! From your mobile device, you will be able to access a mobile-adapted version of the platform which offers the same features available on desktop.


Need Help?

If you are having technical troubles or just generally need help/have questions about using Ticco, get in touch with our team! Submit a support request or contact Erik Felix, our Director of Community Engagement, by email at