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Why on Ticco?

Ticco offers unprecedented access to a targeted base of professionals who work with the built environment. Our members live in the United States, have 7 years of experience on average, and are generally between 26 and 37 years old.


How it Works

Ticco provides ad placements to companies and organizations who offer services our members will find valuable. To maintain a high-quality experience for our members, potential advertisers must apply to join the Ticco Ad Pool. Complete the application below to indicate your organization's interest in advertising on Ticco.



Ticco advertisements are offered on a tiered pricing scale based upon company type and size, ad quantity, and the duration of each advertisement. The price per ad currently ranges from $40 to $275. After our team receives the below form submission, we will respond with custom pricing and visual guidelines for your advertisements on Ticco.


Ticco is an online community for early-career professionals improving the built environment. 

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