We break down Ticco’s simple, low-pressure approach to professional networking.


A Straightforward Platform

Aren’t you tired of online platforms that are bogged down with excessive amounts of buttons and advertisements? We are, too. That’s why we went in a different direction with Ticco. Your Ticco Dashboard contains all of the links you need, and none that you don’t. Every button or link you see (including Discover People and Discussions) has meaning and will help you complete an action or access important information. Our simple interface also reduces lag and keeps your experience moving!


Professional Networking Without the Competitive Atmosphere

You may have noticed that in the Ticco community, there are no likes or follower counts. For some of us, it feels a little like uncharted territory after years of obsessive attention to these numbers. However, research has revealed that this type of activity tracking can be damaging to mental health (especially among younger individuals.)

Comments with a large number of likes are more likely to be liked by future viewers solely based on herd mentality, regardless of the content. The same goes for accounts with large numbers of followers. At Ticco however, we believe all our members carry their own merit and have ideas worth hearing, we didn’t want to create yet another system that rewards ideas based on popularity alone.

So when using Discussions, you’ll notice that you can “heart” comments, but no numbers appear. That’s because our system anonymously counts the number of hearts and pushes the community’s favorite comments through to the Discussion’s Community Picks section. This ensures that ideas are shared based on merit and members’ appreciation of an idea or point made, and not based on the popularity of a member or herd mentality.

We’ve taken a similar approach with followers. When conducting market research, early-career professionals told us that they felt pressured to share ideas and comment when they were hyper aware of who and how many people would receive notifications of their activity. As a Ticco member, you can follow other members and see a list of those you’re following in your profile. However, there is no follower count that shows you how many people are following your activity. We hope this will encourage members to share and participate more often and more authentically.


Because You Have Other Things To Do

Unlike popular social networks, we don’t track the number of seconds you spend on Ticco and use that data to make more money off of advertisers. Instead, we hope you’ll turn to Ticco when you feel compelled to explore a new idea, find a collaborator, access professional resources, or simply see what your peers in your area or other regions are working on.

In the meantime, we don’t plan to bombard you with notifications alerting you to every bit of activity on the platform. Though we are developing more complex notifications which will roll out with our official launch this fall, for now Ticco members will receive a simple bi-weekly e-newsletter with a recap of recent activity on the platform. Since we know you don’t have time to live on Ticco, we hope these insights will keep you up-to-speed and remind you to explore recently added Discussions and new activity every so often.


Have questions about how Ticco works, or just want to check in with us? Contact Erik Felix, our Director of Community Engagement, here on Ticco or send him an email at erik@go-ticco.co.