Ticco is an online community for early-career professionals improving the built environment.

Stay up-to-date as we announce new features, debut Ticco’s online platform, and welcome our first members this April.


We’re here for early-career professionals.

Professionals with between 2 and 15 years of experience, who live in the United States are eligible to apply to Ticco. Individuals of all ages are welcome!


Our members center their work around cities.

Ticco is open to any professional whose work revolves around cities and the built environment. Members might be architects, bicycle professionals, contractors, developers, engineers, journalists, land use professionals, planners, preservationists, public health professionals, sustainability professionals, transportation advocates, and more.

A community of people who care about social impact.

As we review applications, we’re carefully cultivating a community of professionals who are using their talents for good. In applications we look for examples of public service, a perspective that centers around more than just aesthetics, and a demonstrated commitment to building better cities.


Three reasons why it’s time to take part in professional development for the 21st century.


Ditch the Popularity Contest

Popularity rankings like the number of likes, views, and followers are not displayed on Ticco. Since all of our members are vetted and share interests, they’re all automatically connected. We’re out to create intentional networking, not another stressful social experience.


By Members, For Members

Our network was designed for a tech-native generation who craves community, and is always up for a challenge. Our members determine content, retreat locations, and the direction of our organization.


More Efficient Networking

On Ticco, there’s no need to waste time hunting for the right people to know or someone to help with that next project. We recommend members that share your interests and values, and make it easy to find collaborators.


We’re here to promote the abilities of early-career professionals, encourage collaboration between disciplines, and support diversity in our members’ professions.


All professionals in our industries deserve respect and to have their ideas taken seriously. Discrimination of any kind has no place in sharing ideas and solving social challenges.


Professional development should be available to everyone. We support the next generation of professionals by providing affordable, attainable networking and career enhancement opportunities.


All communities need access to new ideas. Through Ticco, we aim to share the perspective that new professionals are bringing to the table.



We let our members take the lead. As a self-funded operation, we’re not beholden to investors or other shareholders. Our members give their input to shape the services we offer, the places we go, and the direction of our organization.

1% for the Planet

We’ve pledged to join 1% for the Planet by the end of 2019. As part of this alliance of for-profit companies dedicated to environmental responsibility, we’ll donate 1% of all sales to environmental organizations every year.

B Corp

We’re taking steps to become a certified B Corporation. As a B Corporation, we will be accountable to our members by completing an annual evaluation and review process centered around transparency.


Our Chief Executive Office

Katie Rispoli Keaotamai is the Founder and CEO of Ticco. Katie has spent the last seven years completing work that intersects with construction, historic preservation, urban planning, and placemaking. She has managed large-scale, complex projects and in all of her work has focused on the importance of community participation.

Prior to becoming CEO of Ticco, Katie served as Executive Director of We Are the Next where she provided programs that introduced teens and young adults to cities and the built environment. She holds a BA in Art History from California State University, Long Beach and a Master of Heritage Conservation from the School of Architecture at the University of Southern California.


Our Director of Community Engagement

Erik Felix communicates with current and potential members to facilitate a fun and easy Ticco experience. He has a background in marketing, education, historic preservation, and community outreach. He’s spent most of his career fostering communities, from the classroom to the built environment.

Before joining Ticco, he worked in the nonprofit sector through organizations offering innovative child and youth programming, and at an independent radio promotion company where he became an integral voice in community and college radio. Erik holds a BA in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. He brings years of community service and knowledge of the challenges our cities face to the Ticco team.


Ticco is an online community for early-career professionals improving the built environment.

Ticco is an online community for early-career professionals improving the built environment.

Ticco is an online community for early-career professionals improving the built environment.

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