Ticco is an online community for early-career professionals improving cities and the built environment.

Our platform, services, and retreats provide today’s professionals with the tools they need to help their communities adjust to a 21st-century world.



Connect with professionals who share your experiences.

Ticco members have between 2 and 15 years of experience, and are working to improve the cities and communities they live in. As a member, you can use Ticco to connect with those in a similar career stage who share your passions.



Explore the obstacles our cities encounter.

Within Ticco’s platform, members can participate in discussions that lay a foundation for working relationships and enhance their practicing knowledge.


Build lasting bonds with your peers.

Members have access to Ticco Retreats—exclusive opportunities to participate in round tables, outdoor adventures, and urban gatherings to explore regional challenges and build a foundation for future collaboration.



Easily find the people you want to know.

Our cross-disciplinary community offers an unprecedented opportunity to discover and connect with professionals improving cities. With Ticco’s intuitive search, you can sort through our vetted network of professionals to find members by name, location, profession, specialty, and areas of personal interest.


Our unique approach means we answer to our members, and no one else.


Quality Over Quantity

Ticco is not funded by Venture Capital or outside investors. That means we’re not pressured to build a network of millions that could never be genuine. Instead, we’re listening to our members as we cultivate a purposeful community of professionals.


We Protect Your Privacy

Rather than sell our members’ data and fill Ticco’s platform with irrelevant ads, we chose to charge a reasonable fee for Ticco access. Our subscription model means we’re not forced to violate our members’ privacy, and they have a high-quality online experience.


We're Investing in Change

As a new addition to the professional landscape, we advocate for our members and values through a 21st-century lens. To start, we’ve made a pledge to donate $25 for every member, every year to support educational programs and initiatives that increase diversity in our members’ professions.


Our month-to-month membership is cost-effective and flexible.

$15 /Month
or $175/year

  • Connect with peers who share your passions on a national scale through 24/7 access to Ticco’s online platform

  • Explore trends and challenges in cities and the built environment through our built-in Discussions feature

  • Filter and contact vetted practitioners in over 20 different professions with Ticco’s unique search functionality

  • Exclusive access to retreats, events, and offers from our partner organizations

  • Protect your privacy by joining a platform that never sells your data or information

  • Earn $5 in credit for every person you refer to apply to Ticco (no limit!)

  • Don’t pay anything until you’re accepted, and cancel anytime


For the cost of 3 coffees a month, take advantage of professional development services you’ll actually enjoy using. 

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Ticco’s membership is 31% less expensive than the average professional membership organization in our industries. Request access today and pay nothing until you’re accepted.


Ticco is an online community for early-career professionals improving the built environment. 

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